meditation on a blog

When I publish this post my assignment will be pretty much done!

were assigned to write a blog instead of the usual dry essay. The blog could be about any topic you wanted- as well as net communications (the uni subject). It took me ages to wrap my head around how I was supposed to “critically engage” with net communications theory on a blog about weird food.

Once I figured the assignment out, I thought it would be easier than a research essay. Essay writing generally make me want to rip my hair out. At least on a blog I could write in my own voice, and I thought the words would just flow out. The reality was I ended up agonizing over a dozen mini essays instead of the usual one. The posts weren’t technically “essays” but there was agony nonetheless, especially with the academic posts.

In spite of that, I think the blog was a good practical assignment. I don’t feel like writing academic essays has really prepared me for working in the real world. Not even close. On this assignment, the combination of blogging while studying theory helped me realize and reflect on a few new things about the Internet. Writing about web design made me really consider the conventions and impact of design. Trying to find photos for my blog while reading about the copyright debate made the topic more real. I saw more of a connection between reality and theory.

Most of my blogging was for the sake of the assignment, but there were times when I genuinely enjoyed it. I liked hunting for weird new foods, and putting together an interesting post gave me a sense of satisfaction. But whatever I was blogging about, I kept finding myself getting tongue-tied and rephrasing constantly. I hadn’t realized it was so hard to express myself, let alone eloquently.

I’m still a complete amateur but I think I have a little insight into blogging now. On the technical side, I’m sure I would have done better if I’d read the whole WordPress manual. But I didn’t. So it took me a couple days to figure out the quickest way to view my blog. I also have no understanding of how and why I get views. For three weeks I got only a few views a day. Then for two days the number skyrocketed. The day after that I got a one view! It’s like watching stocks go up and down.  The truth is I was too busy trying to publish content to read one of the countless articles about how to draw traffic to your blog. If I wanted to develop this blog, that would be the first thing I’d look into.

Finally finishing this project calls for a hallelujah. But I think I might possibly potentially maybe keep posting weird food finds. Of course posting will be more sporadic,  more concise, and less thought out. Plus, I’ll be going back to Bangkok soon. So whether I hit the street or the supermarket, I’m sure I’ll find some treasures worth blogging about.

A Bangkok street vendor. Photo credit: ukbgreen44ww on flickr


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