blueberry chips

Chinese and Japanese junk food brands seem to be the most adventurous with their flavours. Last December a friend of mine came back from a trip to China with some interesting supermarket finds. One discovery was Lay’s blueberry flavoured chips.

Top shelf, second pack. Photo credit: Malingering on flickr

I tried them and this is EXACTLY what they’re like:

Eating plain chips while chewing Lotte’s Blue Berry gum. It’s not a general blueberry flavour. They taste like that specific brand of gum. They’re not that disgusting, but I think I’ll pass next time.

But if you happen to like blueberry, kiwi, cucumber, mango, or lychee flavoured chips, Lay’s has got you covered.

Serious question: Were these flavours picked out of a hat? I’m all for interesting chip flavours and creative thinking, but really, who’s going to buy blueberry chips more than once?


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