starting is the hardest part…?

With much trepidation I’m officially starting this blog. I’ve been putting this off because I’m just not a blogger. The mini blogs I’ve made in the past were purely academic. This blog on the other hand is a little bit of business/pleasure. But I do think I should mention off the bat that creating this blog is part of a university course. So posts may sometimes veer off on tangents- blogging related, but perhaps not food blogging related.

Back to the pleasure aspect. This is a food blog!. But I’ve decided not to become one mediocre food blog lost among millions (millions?) because:

1)      Who’s going to pay for me to dine out all the time?

2)      I sadly don’t have the time or skills to cook amazing things at home every week either.

So I’ve decided to blog about weird food. Well, I don’t know if “weird” is the right word.

Unusual food?

Strange food?

Unique food?

Unexpected food?

Anything out of the ordinary, but not necessarily things they would make you eat on ‘Fear Factor’. Because I hated that show. The show I’m thinking of is ‘Heston’s Feasts’ (because it was just on SBS last month). He’s like a mad scientist in the kitchen. His inventions are sometimes revolting and sometimes Willy Wonka-esque. But that’s my inspiration and I’m running with it.

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